Hilda Rebecca

photo credit: Keelie Furgeson

I’m a small town girl…

My home is in North Carolina with my Chilean-born husband, Marco. We are the blessed parents of 5, grandparents of 6! I’m a small-town girl, who loves her huge family, reading good books, bird watching, handicrafts, and making our rambling, drafty old house a home.

I’m also a post-homeschooling mom of twenty years and I am passionate about all things Charlotte Mason, especially living books. So much so, that this blog has been born out of a desire to encourage other moms, and all women with hearts for home. So, grab a cup of tea and let’s talk about cultivating our homes, living books, reading deeply and broadly, and our continuing self-education, as well as your children’s.

I hope while you are here you find something that inspires, delights, and uplifts. And above all that I hope you find community.