Dipping my Toes in Again

Well, it is April 20223. It has been a while.

I have decided that if I am to ever blog again, I will have to just jump off that cliff randomly without wearing a parachute.

Meaning I will sit down at my laptop and just type what pops into my heart and mind and press that Publish button without overthinking. I just don’t understand my brain. I used to blog all the time when we were homeschooling. And thinking back to those days, I know remember that I stopped abruptly when someone took offense at an opinion I shared and subsequently caused a lot of heartache for my family. I stand by my opinion, it was not anything globally controversial or derogatory. It was just a simple opinion that a special event we took part in was just a tiny bit too much pomp and circumstance, even sharing that we were glad to be a part of it and thankful for the opportunity and were happy to go along.. only that it was A LOT. And when it was over we were tired. And that I would have enjoyed it more if it were a bit less. I can’t help that I am drawn to simplicity, and sharing meaning more than presentation. I don’t think less of anyone who wants big events. I have nothing against them at all. It just isn’t MY preference. And If I can’t share a simple opinion on my own personal blog, where are we? 1984? After that it was difficult for me to just sit down and type because I was constantly worried that someone else would read with scowling eyes and preconceived opinions.

I have to get over that already! It has been almost twenty years now. I still don’t like big events. And I keep telling myself that no one reads this blog anyway, and that I need to just bite the bullet and share. Because when I did blog it was a lot of fun! It was the days before Facebook and Instagram, believe it or not! and I would just share what we were doing and what was on my mind.

I want to blog to share what I am reading. What is going on in this old house. What I found at the thrift store. A small business I love. What life is like in this sweet small town. What I am doing with my life after homeschool and as an empty nester. What bird has my attention this week. What is encouraging me at the moment. What handicraft I am working on lately. And all those thoughts rattling around in this brain of mine. And maybe a few personal posts. Sharing what is too deep to share on Instagram and Facebook, reading a blog requires someone to slow down and focus and therefore seems more intimate.

I just started reading the first book in an Arthurian trilogy, it is for children. Although I would not recommend it myself to a young child, maybe 13 and up. The Seeing Stone. I am enjoying it so far, and will probably source out the sequels. I am attempting to read as many Arthurian Legends as I can, but space them out several months. My favorite so far, hands down, has been The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead. You must, oh reader please, at least read the first one. Taliesin.

Watercolor is my handicraft arch nemesis. At least if feels that way. I have not had to work harder to make progress in a handicraft before, neither have I been so determined because usually if it doesn’t come easily (and many things do) I quit! But I am making myself keep at it and find my comfortable place with watercolor. I have also been making myself work on my drawing skills. I started hosting a Sketch Tuesday at our little coffee shop, bringing little tidbits for a still life and gathering with a couple of locals as we practice drawing. It is a lot of fun and gives me accountability. It was there a friend told me to read My Name is Asher Lev. And I did. It is a book for artists should read, very moving and a lot to consider.

And yesterday.. I picked up my saxophone after probably 15 years or more. My mouth hurts, but I am determined to honk out at least one hymn a day. For therapy if nothing else.

Marco and I are getting used to being in this big old house alone. We watch tv at night, it’s our love language. We watch a lot of old shows and movies, modern stuff makes us cringe. We do have the cats to keep us company, however they are currently grounded and are being sent to the outdoors after their breakfast and morning nap because one of them likes to pee on furniture. And I just found a deposit in the middle of the guest bed! ugh!!

And now for a public service announcement: If you are a woman and reading this, here is my opportunity to encourage you to strengthen your pelvic floor. Do it. I promise you, walking around feeling like your insides are falling out is not pleasant. Ask the girl who, standing on the front row, tried to casually cross her legs while standing and singing in the choir the other Sunday because the pressure was too much at the moment. I hope no one noticed.

I discovered that Medjool dates, dandelion tea, and chia seeds are delicious. They are my new favorite fun food. These became part of my diet after a google search for ‘foods high in fiber’.

My record player has been broken for months. Echo dots are the current substitute. Although they are hands free and voice commanded, which is pretty cool, they really can’t replace the sound of a record player and I am missing that luxury. Also I overwound my Westminster Chime clock and it goes ticaticaticatica instead to tic-toc-tic-toc and I am sad about that. A lesson learned the hard way, I am paying the natural consequences of my actions.

Last year, just before Easter, I walked across the street and started attending the church on the corner. I had been thinking about it for a few years and had already been helping my neighbors who attend at events and getting to know some of the people there. I am so glad I took that step. To be able to serve and worship with my little community is a huge blessing.

I discovered Bible Mapping and Bible Hub. Wow. Quite a combo!

I took on the responsibility of restoring the church library, it will take months but I am so thankful. AND I started working fill-in shifts at the local library. It is an answered prayer! I have been looking for a way to serve my community somehow with something to do with books for years! And now I have TWO.

Brain dump almost complete, I think my brain is nearing empty and it is time for supper.

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